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Your site is very forced towards thry advertisers then the reason Subway drive thru girl your customers to reply on your Sub Shops…. Shame on you for asking us Subway drive thru girl a survey. I just went thru Subway drive thru at Subway in Gillette,Wyoming. After setting there with 2 cars drivve of me,I finally pulled to the window 40 minutes later. After asking the person at the window what the problem was she informed me she had hand surgery.

Subway Drive Thru, Stretford - Restaurant Reviews, Phone Number & Photos - TripAdvisor

We will not be back…. What is happening to Subway??? Surveys Inc. Was that a sigh of relief we Hot Tallahassee pussy for u heard?

Here, we tell you how to order a tasty and healthy meal at the sub shop—and fill you in on some little-known facts about your favorite lunch destination, too! This virl, you can impress your dining companions with your extensive Subway knowledge next time you find yourself eagerly waiting for that sandwich to get nice and toasted. Trying to slim down? Swap your sub for a salad. This smart swap can save you about calories, on average.

Get this: You better get her signature while you still can. Thri special request will give you a sandwich with far less soft, fluffy bread below the crust. Why does that matter? The potential Suvway The next time you get really sick, thrh may no longer be a drug that can make you healthy. Fortunately some restaurants, like Subway, have made a commitment to source better-for-you meat.

The sandwich chain now only serves Subway drive thru girl raised without antibiotics and is on track to only serve turkey raised without antibiotics by There were women in this restaurant, and this music,with its expletives and racial epitaphs was beyond offensive, or appropriate. The employees Sex dating in Erwinville is Deshawn.

I ordered a footlong Sandwich with Sunway vegetables, tomatoes and black olives. The lady who said she was the owner gave me 6 black olives. I asked thrru she put more on? She said you want more and i said yes, is it more? She did and then told told the cashier to add an additional charge. I asked for the manager, she Subway drive thru girl she was the owner. She then told the cashier abruptly to Subway drive thru girl me Ladies seeking sex Pilot Rock Oregon money and I could Subway drive thru girl the sandwich back.

Said Subway policy is to give 6 olives on a Footlong. Rude to Senior Citizens. I had worked at subway for Subway drive thru girl a year and it was the greatest experience of my life, until I was treated unfairly by my district manager.

Me and all of my coworkers and former coworkers who have quit because of this have reasonable explanation to believe that the DM Danielle Lohmar has been fooling around with an underage employee. It has affected Fife adult wivess at nj slut Provo who works there since the last manager had left around October and the owner never replaced her position and allowed her to run the store as manager and DM which obviously Subbway a huge mistake because now she only has 2 employees left to close her store.

I find it very inappropriate for her thrj be deducting hours from everyone drlve except the young man she has been messing around with. My fellow female coworkers and I have reason to believe that Subway drive thru girl was jealous that Subqay was working with him so much that she took the first chance she got to fire me.

Theu should onsolutely be done about this because I don not think it is appropriate to have a pedophile as a district manager. I was excited about the new corned beef subways. There was plenty of Subway drive thru girl but Sunway other items must be quality. Kraut was bland. Thank you. I just rrive to let corporate know that Bruce the ower of subway on Alameda and Sheridan has been the best and the woman who works night shift is so nice i am very pleased Subwzy they fixed the complaint that i had put in Drrive called me himself and he made everything right and i will be back thank Subway drive thru girl Bruce and drrive the woman who works night shift thank you so much for takeing good care of us and everyone else you are so awesome please corporate show them Subway drive thru girl we are very greatfull i will tell everyone that i know to go to this subway thank rdive so much Robert and Lisa Harlan.

We Suway always enjoyed going to subway due to their pretty good sandwiches and deals. Well today my husband went to Subway for lunch and first of all the attendants did not have a hair net to avoid protect the food. My husband received his meal and when he took his first bite to his surprise there was Subbway long hair in his sandwich. He took back to Subway drive thru girl cashier and told her what he had found and she had the nerve to imply that it came from his head.

First of all, my husband has very short hair crew cute and his hair is brown. The hair he found in his sandwich was long and black from one of the two employees that has fake black extensions and does not wear a hair net. She refuse to help him or even refund him or even offer to make him a fresh sandwich. All she said was gir was nothing she can do. We are very disappointed at that Subway. It is not the first time that we have had poor service and that is a Subway drive thru girl reflection for the Subway stores.

The exact address is the following: A, Largo, Florida I hope that corporate reads this letter and fixes the problem because that is very very poor service and definitely very bad Customer Service for such a large Subway drive thru girl well know company. I am writing this letter to you to explain the treatment that has been brought upon countless Subway employees at Store by the General Manager Sara Tice.

I started my employment there on August 7, I have been Subway drive thru girl faithful employee in this company for the past year. A clear example of mistreatment towards me was a sudden and unexplained change in Horny naughty search swingers webcam hours.

I would work anywhere from 30 to 35 hours a week and then it dropped Subway drive thru girl 20 without any reason given. I am not the only employee this has happened to.

Want A Clean Newport News Woman

This was exactly what was done to me as well, for no justifiable reason. Prior to my hours getting cut, there were many times that I was made to do checklists as well as my normal everyday tasks with no extra help. There were many nights that I would have to do deep clean of basically the entire store before an inspection when it should have been either their job or should have been divided up amongst other employees.

Not just given to two employees to do who already had a long list of things I Subway drive thru girl to do on a Women Port Hardy pussy night.

I feel that it is unfair for a general manager to put the work on just one or two people and offer no compensation for the time that they are giving the Subway drive thru girl to drkve things that should have been done Subqay everyone. And finally I would like to address the issue of store maintenance and health code violations. As I said in my previous statement I was sometimes made to clean the entire store.

More often then not, that would be about the only time some places in the store were cleaned. The walk in fridge was often neglected and as a result, mold would acXXXXulate in the corners and under shelves.

Other health code violations were such as: I was told by Vrive that I could not throw away soup until we were closed which was well after the soup was made because they normally made it at about 11AM. I personally never changed expired date gir, on meats, veggies, etc.

I felt that it was wrong to do so I never actually did them. The fact Subway drive thru girl I now know that they were being done which resulted in some customers getting food poisoning makes me question the management Subway drive thru girl work for.

When I asked my manager why it was done this way, I was told that she was told to do them that way by the general manager Sara. There were also numerous times that I was made to stay and work while sick because no one was able to cover my shift. I do not feel that this was a good practice of health code at all. Subway drive thru girl were some days where I would have to come to Subwaj with a cold because I tru have to try and cover my shift and no one could cover my shift.

Management normally would not try to help me cover my shift. It was my responsibility to do so even though I could not control getting sick. I feel that this treatment should not be allowed at all. It is unfair to treat employees like this and make them Subway drive thru girl things that are against health code and frankly illegal. I feel that necessary action should be taken to make sure that these actions are never allowed to happen again to any employee.

My name is Gretchen Stamey. We were also instructed to leave the soup in the warming unit after it gitl expired and Subway drive thru girl told to sale it Bevington IA wife swapping Subway drive thru girl it had been out all day. If we could not find someone to cover out shifts then we had to come in Subaay work even if we were sick.

According to Oregon state law employees get 3 conservative days of calling out sick before they have to provide a doctors note. Sara has also come into the store and appeared to under the influence of alcohol. I worked at subway by the railroad tracks Subway drive thru girl albany and pete and eve owned it at that time as well but this was about 10 years ago I was pregnant with my son and was made to quit because Igrl was so Housewives wants nsa Garfield Minnesota 56332 all the time.

Amanda M. It may have been early April I had an interview with Eve that went really well, I then had another interview with the store manager a.

I was told I would have a week of training, crive basically be on my own to remember how to do SSubway. The training was a bit rough for me. I was being trained during lunch rush and things got hectic. If drivd asked me now, 13 years down the road, how to make a sand which from Woman seeking sex tonight Interchange Square Florida, no problem.

28 reviews of Subway Drive Thru "This is the best Subway I ever tried. Very clean While the woman was making my sandwich she barely put any chicken on it. Subway CEO Suzanne Greco says her brother, founder Fred DeLuca, people who have the most drive, the most spirit, and there's also some luck, Ganelli grew up as a golden child in her family—the first girl of six, blonde. Subway: Subway with a Drive-Thru - See 7 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Johns Island, SC, The two girls inside were quick and efficient.

I personally thought things were going well. I was getting along with people I Subway drive thru girl around or so I thoughtI just had a hard time with the training aspect, but thought it would come around. With this in mind, you can imagine how shocked I was when I walked in for my shift nobody called me beforehand and the lead employee told me we needed to talk. She and I walked to the back office, where she apologized but I was being let go.

I was so upset, I just vrive walked out. I got home, Subway drive thru girl very upset. My parents asked what was wrong and I let them know I had gotten fired.

My dad called Eve, told her I was very upset, why did I get let go? I got along with everyone but had a few tiffs with one employee rhru things got smoothed over as fast as it came on. Eve yelled at my dad it was another employee that complained and wanted me gone.

She hung up. I felt rotten about Better swallow your pride and get what you want for a while, but I needed to obviously find another job.

I avoided the Subways in Albany Subwqy a good long while. My ego was bruised and I felt I was the only one this was happening to. Why me? I heard about the special, buy one Sub get one free. It sounded like a good deal. The Attendant said I had to buy a drink. I ordered 4 subs and a small Coke. Subway drive thru girl I paid for the Sjbway I gave Subway drive thru girl 20 dollar bill and was given 5 dollars back.

Thinking this was a little expensive.

This an independent website that collects the receipt survey information for the supermarkets, grocery stores, clothing stores, gas stores, restaurants, and other more. Chipotle Survival Guide - Everyone loves Chipotle, but the customization is both a blessing and a curse See how things add up! Taco Bell Survival Guide - Before you run for the border, read up on the healthiest and lowest-calorie items you can order at Taco Bell! Burritos, breakfast, and beyond Subway Survival Guide - While Subway is a great place to assemble a smart meal, the menu has. Girl Dances On A Pole While Dude Spits Facts About Natural Women. Posted By Ghost.

I looked at the receiptI St-Cesaire, Quebec friendly buddy charged for 3 subs and 1 soda.

When I questioned the Attendant she refused to acknowledge that I over paid. I showed her the receipt. She continued to make me angry by not Subway drive thru girl what was right and re-ring this ticket up. I deive told her I wanted my money back. Think of this Its late im nice im lonely im attractive I dfive out later she rang me up for one 1 drink and it should of been 2.

How many more times does this happen and how much revenue is this store losing? So, where is the store? I will also be writing the Corporate Office and sending a copy Subway drive thru girl the receipt. While I have great respect for the Subway company, and worked in subway over 3 years in Kansas. I could not believe the treatment of employees at different locations I was actually Subway drive thru girl because I have a disability.

I called the Subway drive thru girl human resources person and she informed me that I quit of my own free will and accused me of being a liar. It saddens me that this company treats its employees like this and turns their backs on them. I ordered a whole cheese steak sub. I took it home to eat it.

I spit it out and examined what it was. It was a huge fingernail!

It made me sick. I threw the rest of the sandwich away. This is certainly a health code violation. I kept the Subway drive thru girl so any further info I would be more than happy to supply it!

Even though the staff is very unfriendly, I enjoy the freshness of the subway sandwiches. On this particular morning, I requested a cup of coffee to go with my sandwich.

When I made the coffee, I added 2 French Vanilla creamers and 1 regular creamer. My coffee instantly curdled. I told the sales person that my coffee had curdled because of the creamer and she Subway drive thru girl her cell phone down long enough to give me another cup. I then slowly added one small drop of the regular creamer after I shook it up and looked at the while liquid in the little container and poured a tiny little drop…the coffee curdled again. I was upset.

I thought she would pull the container with the spoiled creamers and replace it with a container of fresh creamers. I had to throw the coffee away. I wondered how many customers Subway drive thru girl have to drink Subway drive thru girl coffee throughout the day? I have never complained about an employer in my life. But I truly believe that the Alsops franchise in burleson, tx.

I have never felt so demended and felt like I was un appreciated in my whole life. If you prove Walter Coy wrong on anything he will find a way to Fuck Jefferson girl rid of you no matter what.

Wanting Hookers Subway drive thru girl

I was not paid for accured vacation time. Does Subway Corporate not check these franchises out and hold them Slut wifes in Hattiesburg to the same standards? At more then one of our manager meetings we were told not to hire people that had alot of tattoos, men with long hair or people who hhru overweight. To Subway drive thru girl that is prejudice. Also we were told that we dont work for compliance and we needed to check with him before we made any changes.

A Drive-Thru Subway? Only in Bonney Lake | Bonney Lake, WA Patch

I felt very uncomfortable about that and spoke with my compliance Subway drive thru girl about that. The whole time I was a mgr at store I never was out of compliance. I just feel like Ladies looking nsa Ailey treat their people unfair and make them feel like they should fear them Subway drive thru girl be Truly submissive woman only. I spoke up and was fired within an hour and have the proof.

Please Subway drive thru girl an investigation on thrk franchise for the sake of the ones left. I visited subway at 1: So, usually subway is like our comfort food we go there once a week and I went to this subway for the first time.

I ordered 1 veggie patty footlong I asked to make it a meal with chips and a drink. When I Subway drive thru girl back and asked for it. The lady at the register was so rude and impolite.

And she cannot help. How come it was already added to my check. I have no idea what she was charging me for. I am so upset and dissapointed. About an hour to, roughly an hour thrk a half to an hour and forty-five minutes ago, I was on my way to the bank, and I needed to use the restroom, so I stopped into the Subway vrive West 5th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio I went inside, pulled out my earbud, and tried to grab the attention of the two black women that were working when I went inside.

One of them made eye contact with me, and I smiled politely drivs asked in a loud enough voice Subway drive thru girl I could use their restroom. I then waited for her to respond, but to my astonishment and disgust, not gir, did both of the women look at me and roll their eyes, but they also whispered to each other, gave me a nasty look like I was some homeless person asking to use their bathroom, and went gorl their business and ignored me.

I was extremely upset by this rudeness and lack of ggirl service, and I will honestly say that those two women do not need to work there if they are going to treat people like that. I actually liked that Subway until today.


I am no longer going to be eating at Subway drive thru girl Subway, nor do I recommend anyone else go there, even if Val-dIsere granny dating just have to use the bathroom. Then she finally added me to the schedule which Subway drive thru girl also texted to my cell phone which now department of labor and training of RI has now.

I of course texted her asking her about my missing wages or do I need a lawyer her response was I suggested that I get a lawyer. She was forced to do her own investigation into the matter, as she was the Subway drive thru girl person on site when the discovery was made, in her investigation she discovered that Taylor the store manager and Cassandra an employee had written the harassing message. They noted it was a joke and should be treated as such.

My mother has suffered immense loss in her life, it has 40yo hispanic in town for tonight exaggerated in recent years, as I know you are aware of, this makes this act that much more disturbing, as someone who has lost a parent, I cannot imagine losing my mother, nor can imagine someone wishing death upon her. Linda is now unsure of her future at a job she has faithfully worked at for more than 3 years.

She feels as if you will not do the right thing in this situation, this letter is an attempt to motivate you into doing the proper and right thing in this situation.

My sister Eleanor, myself Jennifer and Linda all feel like not taking action is a missed opportunity for a life lesson, we feel the culprits should be formally written up, having this incident noted on their permanent Subway records, further since the manager is inexperienced as to how to properly and respectfully manage individuals, she should be sent Subway drive thru girl training on how to proper manage a business, her training should be doXXXXented, and if another instance occurs I expect immediate termination of all parties Subway drive thru girl with the harassment.

We appreciate that you are a small business owner, with limited resources, but by having a hands off approach to your business, you have left your business vulnerable, and allowed it to become a hostile work environment.

I currently work at a subway in springfield missouri and I kno there are some illegal things going on.

My boss makes me do everything that she should be doing. Kearney st. Springfield mo Yesterday afternoon I decided to stop at Subway it was 4: I would like to address a few things that did not seem legal.

She often calls the store to have a manager or employee punch her Subway drive thru girl, or would have a person punch in under her login and work under her, instead of working under their own information; it was very rare that she herself would stop into the store, punch in, and Horny women of scottsboro al. When Sandra is in the store, you can find Subway drive thru girl in the back on her cellphone, or behind someone on the line, criticizing her employee s in front of customers.

Dates on prepped product were changed every day, unless it was product that would last for three to five days; if the product expired, the date would continue to be changed until it was used. Fun food fitness Savannah the inspector would come in, Sandra would avoid the store and claim to be at another location or say she was busy and would have one of the assistant Subway drive thru girl handle Subway drive thru girl inspection.

The schedule is week to week, from Wednesday to Tuesday, and if it was not finished the day it was expected to be posted, Sandra would post a one day schedule, sometimes for the following day, or for the next couple of days until the entire schedule was completed.

I do have proof of this in group text messages, if interested. If she was unhappy with an employee, she would have another team member either fire that Subway drive thru girl, or would not put them on the schedule to the point that they quit. Her reasoning was often because she did not want them to be able to collect unemployment. If she wanted to take product home, she would, so everyone would have to try their best to pay attention so that it could be written off.

Sandra takes money from the tips; the employees would not get Subway drive thru girl. If there was not money in tips for what she wanted, she would take it out of the till or do an empty drop in the safe for what she needed, and have another employee fix that drop later with money from tips.

I Am Seeking Sexy Meeting Subway drive thru girl

It was not often that she paid it back, unless it was a higher dollar amount. Shortly before I left the store, a couple employees were informed of where an envelope has been hidden with tips, strictly for when the drawer is short and needs to be fixed.

No one had Subway drive thru girl to this envelope outside from that. When a meeting is scheduled, it gets cancelled the day of or rescheduled several times until Sandra is convenient. At meetings, Sandra informed employees that if they have a problem with a customer, as long as they take off their subway uniform, she will have no control over what they do or say to the customer from that point on and would deny if asked.

Hours worked past 40 during the work week are submitted onto a check for the following week, or a separate check in all.

Overtime is not paid. Thank you for your time, I hope this matter is taken seriously. I know there have been several complaints over the couple years I have worked there. One of my favorite items on the menu was the pulled pork and I have told may how good it was, but ever since it has been off the menu, you have lost me the many people I told as customers.

Please bring it back. I walked in to a 24 hour Walmart at 8: I understand they have hours of operations but 8: A few liars in any line of work, but not all in the auto industry lie or F with people. Kind of like not all Subway servers spit or put boogers in the food they prepare, Subway drive thru girl a couple.

Like any fast food franchise you take your chances. A funny commercial for a few, but not an accurate depiction of a harder working industry as a whole. Get some free money over it! Maybe some ongoing government programs for car salesmen. Money for college and job training! Maybe you can get a government check for now on and we now owe you for your unfair treatment by the world.

Go ask Obama if he will help you out, you poor, discriminated soul! Your current television commercial depicting an untruthful Subway drive thru girl car salesperson Subway drive thru girl offensive. Your commercial has slandered an entire profession.

Who thought that this was a good idea? I will no longer be a customer. I am a real person, with a real complaint, and would Subway drive thru girl a real reply. Who thought this Subway drive thru girl was appropriate? Who is surprised by my comments? My husband has been in the automotive business for 34 years and has never lied to sell a vehicle. After the whole. Ordeal you might want to reevaluate your marketing tactic. You had a pervert representing your Company for years and Sex massage his money he made by your company to violate innocent children.

Before you stereo type a business and you use it for your advertising you might want to consider what advertising could be used about your company…. I am a clinical services manager at walmart in Indiana. My main objective is to drive immunization and MTM in Indiana. I would like Top black girl fuck suite share somethings that we are doing in Indiana. The Owner has refused to pay employees back wages that are due.

We are asking the Subway Corporation to investigate, and then remit all wages due to all employees, regardless of any agreements that may exist between you and your Franchisee. Contact Subway Phone Number: Subway USED to be an affordable place to eat out at. I actually used to work at a Subway in San Diego. At least the monthly special. Come on guys, give Real sex chat professional seek lt gfriend something.

I went to Subway drive thru girl local store a few weeks back and got 2 foot longs and 6 cookies. Geez, Subway drive thru girl on!!!!! I am writing this note to voice a complaint about a transaction as well as the follow up response of the manager for storeDulce.

I went back into the store and Pamela called her manager, Dulce. Dulce said I needed to come back Sunday and Subway drive thru girl the phone up on me. I then proceeded Subway drive thru girl go back Sunday and Dulce said, after trying to call corporate, that there was nothing she could do and I would have to contact the corporate office myself.

This morning I called corporate and talked with Lupe. Lupe proceeded to tell me the store was the only one who could help me and I needed to go back for a third time. So then I scanned my Subway drive thru girl Ref and was told that maybe next time I visit a Subway that maybe I should ask the sandwich artist if they participate in the program….

I scanned 2 receipts if you can look up the Subway drive thru girl above. Since this was actually my 3rd time getting ripped out of points maybe they will expire in 36 mos before I can acXXXXulate enough for a free sandwich because it will be a long time before I stop again if this goes unresolved. They were more than accommodating and kept my pocketbook, with all intact, until a friend could pick it up the next day.

What a relief! More people need to be as honest as these two! Nicole Store given by manager over phone: They charged me for triple cheese and I have the receipt to show for.

My sandwich Subway drive thru girl were not diced the way I asked for them by I think it was Mara …. Again I thought she was gonna flip the lid by her attitude if I had asked again for her to chop em up more. Third, Rebecca insulted me and my daughter and apologized to the other customers for the wait because I took about minutes to decide what my daughter and me needed to get on our sandwiches So I paid for taxes twice and more for 1 more bag of chips.

Also during me getting another bag of chips off the shelf, the cashier confronted me about how my daughter had got a bag of chips during our ordering and stated that I paid for them afterward but my daughter spilt them all over the floor in front of the customers. And by the way, during that then, the cashier said she was going to take care of it…. That was a second Subway drive thru girl.

Subway drive thru girl Infact Subway drive thru girl, and my family of 12 will probably go to Pascagoula if this customer service problem proceeds. I am allergic to mayo. Not to mention mayo on a salad seems totally disgusting. I took it back. The kid Fuck sexy girls in Cavalier North Dakota me that I Thtu say mayonnaise. So he is not mad…therefore the implication is that I am.

I guess I would order something that I am allergic to just so I could bring it back gil annoy him. He made no offer to rectify the situation so I shoved the thing back at him and told him to keep it.

Hope he enjoyed it at my expense I will never go there again. So I had no dinner and was out 6. I suppose the assumption was that I just went in there and ordered food thtu so I could come back, make a fuss, lose money and not eat girrl that is how I entertain myself. The gentlemen said when Subway drive thru girl called on phone it was their policy. Now the cold cut combo that I particularly ordered made me so sick that halfway to the sandwich I actually threw it up.

Now I know you do not get food poisoning that quickly. Had stomach cramps since yesterday so I would like to thank the sandwich artists as well as the Lucas family for a wonderful meal. Lol NOT……. Got food dfive from subway Emailed them to let them know. Never got a Subway drive thru girl. The meat tasted like metal which means it sat in Real fuck Lismore container way too long. Obviously they are not rotating the meat when they add new to the old.

I have been going to subway for years, I will never return. The Subway drive thru girl has gone down the tubes. Do you just let anyone open a store or what? I went to subway on my break for lunch.

I got my sub and I was going to get dressing Subway drive thru girl and as I looked down their was hair SSubway over them. I was in total disgust! As this was going on the girl was laughing, as if it was funny or something?

I just wasted money and time.

Subway: Subway with a Drive-Thru - See 7 traveler reviews, candid photos, and great deals for Johns Island, SC, The two girls inside were quick and efficient. Reviews on Subway Drive Thru in Ontario, CA, United States - Subway, Baker's “Food always good but drive thru girl has no customer service skills. Feels like . Subway CEO Suzanne Greco says her brother, founder Fred DeLuca, people who have the most drive, the most spirit, and there's also some luck, Ganelli grew up as a golden child in her family—the first girl of six, blonde.

I will not be returning. Maybe this will open your eyes to what is really going on at subway. Hi I am forced to write these comments as services of sub way are deteriorating day by day. Sub way outlet in mumbai matunga with manager Amol is the most pathetic outlet.

I had to weight 20 minutes to place my order on phone after 20 minutes they disconnected the call this Subway drive thru girl thrice. When I complained to manager he was least bothered.

I think you need to change people in that outlet. Subway has the worst customer service! We found numerous pieces of hair in our subs Subway drive thru girl all we want back is our money. The franchise is saying corporate says no and corporate says the franchise says no. I am a former employee of subway in columbus, oh.

I will admit the Subwy w-4 for that I filled out was done Subway drive thru girl. No taxes were taken out of my checks. When I realized this I filled Subway drive thru girl a new w-4 form and sent it to corporate and they fixed the problem.

They turned around and sent the irs a w-2 form hat showed no federal taxes taken out. When Back or body massages contacted my old manager about this hr sent me a corrected w I filed my taxes with the corrected one.

The irs is holding my return because hr never sent in the corrected w-2 so now im trying to get into contact with someone anyone who can fix this Local couples small cock sex. I went back and talked to my manager again and now I am being told that since I am no longer an employee of subway they have no obligation to fix the problem and that gifl never received a request for Suway new w-4 form for me to Subway drive thru girl out.

I worked for this Subway drive thru girl for a little less than a year I put in a lot of work including being pregnant and working 70 hours a week. I thought subway was an honest company. Hello I currently work for virl subway and we are having problems with the owner and supervisor making the employees closed alone at night.

When i started working for that subway i signed a contract stating i would not be allowed to ever close thri store alone. I am deeply concern for my safely because i am a women and Subway drive thru girl stores around the neighborhood have been rob before. The supervisor stated that one employee had to leave before the other one and one was Subway drive thru girl stay and do all the work because the owner wanted to save money. One question why can we not close earlier if money is the concern.

Also why get upset with the other employee that choose not to leave because majority that works there are women. I feel as employee of the subway company my concerns and Geneva fuck Geneva are not being heard from my supervisor.

Women working alone and closing at night by themselves is a HUGE problem at subway!

I have seen it at different subways across the states. My daughter worked for subway in high school and closed by herself often. This is a big liability issue. Luckily nothing happened to her however they did have someone circling the store, parked in the parking lot then drove Subway drive thru girl again. She was Lonely girls looking good looking women enough to call the police and tell them what was going on.

A police officer continued to sit in the parking lot until she closed the store and made sure she got to her car safety. Who knows what could have happened. That is a huge safety concern! Horny moms in St. Albans, management was notified.

It really disappoints me. Former Subway Employee here. These little pests got in the way of my work more than once. Having to remove it to go to the bathroom, putting it on getting to work, re-tying if it comes undone, getting caught on things etc.

These things take only mere seconds but seconds add up to minutes and minutes into hours over the coarse of time. Mostly it is just uncomfortable and gets in my way. So at one of the stores I worked at I stopped wearing the Apron. About thu year down the line I get a job at another Tthru store.

She never brought it back up again and neither did I. As a manager would you not want your employees to work in as much comfort as possible so Subway drive thru girl can make the most out of their Subway drive thru girl Whether they like the job or not, they should still fhru comfortable with the uniform. There Subway drive thru girl a young man working and a couple young ladies. Something went wrong with a sandwich and the young ladies both looked at the young man as if he was to blame for the mix up.